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The Resolution: The New Homefront, Volume 4

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The Resolution is the fourth installment in The New Homefront Series where patriotic Americans struggle to survive while fighting the evil and tyranny that pervades their new world. As the country continued to struggle amidst the fallout from the orchestrated collapse, the United Nations and other foreign entities continued to increase their influence, taking advantage of a nation desperate for order. Introduced as “peacekeepers” by the current administration, armed foreign troops occupied U.S. territory for the first time since the Japanese invaded the Aleutian Islands in Alaska, occupying the islands of Kiska and Attu in 1942-43. Initially, the UN established itself in major metropolitan areas such as Atlanta, New York, Seattle, and Los Angeles; once seen as a legitimate government presence, they began to venture out into rural areas to quell any potential resistance to their true intentions—enjoying the spoils of a war they did not even have to fight. America and its valuable resources were ripe for the picking, or so it seemed. The one thing the occupiers did not count on was the will of the American people, a people born into a freedom that was handed down to them since the founders pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honors to resist the tyranny they faced under King George III. The patriots of today may face a different foe, but the struggle to hold on to their natural, God-given rights is the same as their forefathers. Human nature will always go in one of two directions: those who will give up freedom for security, and those who will give their lives in the struggle for freedom.


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