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Templar, Call to Arms (The Templar Legacy)

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Templar, Call to Arms, is the first book of the Templar Legacy which sets the demise of the Knights Templars in today’s modern world.

The Knights Templars are the wealthiest and most powerful Order of the Church. The President of America intends to move against the Order to steal their wealth so he can finance his Holy Crusade and rescue his bankrupt country.

With the death of a Pope President Thomas has his own elected to the Holy See. Calling Grand Master Monroe to America he makes plans to move against the Knights Templars. Charging a faithful knight, Sir William Sinclair, with the task of protecting the Order Grand Master Monroe is forced to prepare for certain doom.

Faced with the US agencies who hope to inhibit the Order William is faced with protecting their most prized possession: THE HOLY GRAIL.

The Templars are left with no option but to prepare for war. They must be ready for the call to arms when it comes…


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